KAVERI is a device which can control and monitor agriculture pumps through mobile phone. This is a GSM based remote controller to switch ON and OFF pumps from remote location.


Electronics Bus Station announcer can add customers satisfaction and bus companies reputation. Automatically announces the stop-name at 100 meters before the stop


Embedded System

An embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints. It is embedded as part of a complete device often including hardware and mechanical parts. Embedded systems control many devices in common use today.

Digital Signal / Image Processing

Digital signal processing (DSP) refers to various techniques for improving the accuracy and reliability of digital communications. The theory behind DSP is quite complex. Basically, DSP works by clarifying, or standardizing, the levels or states of a digital signal.

Power Electronics

Power Electronics is the study of switching electronic circuits in order to control the flow of electrical energy. Power Electronics is the technology behind switching power supplies, power converters, power inverters, motor drives, and motor soft starters.


Very-large-scale integration is the process of creating an integrated circuit by combining thousands of transistors into a single chip. VLSI began in the 1970s when complex semiconductor and communication technologies were being developed

Wireless Sensor Networks

A wireless sensor network (WSN) is a wireless network consisting of spatially distributed autonomous devices using sensors to monitor physical or environmental conditions. A WSN system incorporates a gateway that provides wireless connectivity back to the wired world and distributed nodes

Labview SCADA

LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module. The LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module extends graphical programming benefits to the development of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) or high-channel-count data-logging applications.