Courses Offered

Our custom designed hands-on training programs targeted for students and corporate is making an impact in the industry today. Our innovative self learning kits are designed to make new technology learning easier and joyful. All of these come from a team of highly motivated individuals with great experience in various technologies.

Embedded systems for hardcore engineers

  • Embedded system fundamentals
  • Hardware and software task definition
  • Processors gallery
  • Development tool selection
  • System design cycle
  • Debugging and Co simulation

Raspberry Pi for friendly instruments

  • Introduction to Industrial networks
  • Raspberry pi and OS installation
  • Raspberry pi programming
  • Interfacing Raspberry Pi
  • Single Board PC and control systems

Ardiuno for the Starters

  • Basics of Arduino
  • Arduino variants
  • Arduino development environment
  • Arduino shields
  • Rapid prototyping

VLSI (Compact, yet powerful)

  • Chip Paradigm
  • Write the circuit
  • High performance with low power
  • Chipped Images
  • Let’s Circuit together
  • Hide into circuits

Digital Image processing

  • Image definitions and
  • Image processing applications
  • Digital Filters
  • Image processing elements
  • Image Enhancement and image compression
  • Image segmentation and image

Digital Signal Processing

  • discrete linear systems
  • Linear Time Invariant Systems
  • digital filters
  • Sampling continuous-time signals
  • AliasingWindowing techniques

Wireless sensor networks

  • Cover the land scape
  • Let the spy
  • Show the way
  • Fault tolerance
  • Green data collection

Power electronics

  • Combinations of Transistors and Thyristors
  • Rectify or convert or invert
  • Switch it ON and OFF (PWM Techniques)
  • Circuit Magics (power circuit)
  • Passive is active

The labview environment

  • G programming
  • front panels, block diagrams, icons, and
  • connector panes
  • user interfaces with charts, graphs and
  • buttons
  • Data Flow programming
  • Editing and debugging techniques
  • VIs and subVIs
  • Displaying and Logging data